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Buy Wellbutrin SR

Wellbutrin SR is a newer antidepressant drug on the market and it's highly appealing to many patients because its unique qualities make it effective on patients who have struggled with other medications for depression and failed with them. You have to have a prescription in order to buy Wellbutrin SR legally and safely because the prescription will tell the pharmacist how much you need and what each dosage should be. Never take more than 450 mg per day as overdosing can lead to seizures and other problems.

There are quite a few ways to buy Wellbutrin SR. The safest and most typical way to buy it is through a pharmacy either at your hospital/clinic or at a drug store. You'll have to see if your insurance will cover the costs of these drugs as they can be very pricey without some assistance. Buying Wellbutrin SR through a pharmacy can also ensure that the drugs you're getting are safe, of the appropriate dosage and the pharmacist can answer any questions you may have about the drugs that you may have forgotten to ask your doctor.

Alternatively, online purchase will allow some level of privacy about your usage of Wellbutrin. You can order Wellbutrin SR online on many websites which profess to pharmaceutical websites and certified to prescribe and dispense drugs like Wellbutrin SR. Some of these sites include, and to name just a few. It is always important to ensure you are purchasing from a credible source espcially when shopping online to avoid potential problems with fake medications.

The problem with ordering online is that you can never be quite as certain about what you're getting and how safe it is when compared to getting the drugs from a pharmacy. Although many of these sites are legit, they depend on you getting your dosage correct and that you'll know exactly what you need. There are also some sites which will take your money and leave you with nothing or even a placebo pill. Some sites do not require you to have a prescription at all, which make them ripe for abuse.

Some of these 'pharmacies' are not regulated as stringently as those in America or Canada and so more toxic elements can be slipped in. However, if you've done your research correctly, you may be able to find a very convenient and safe site to order Wellbutrin SR from and this can save you some time in constantly returning to your pharmacy for refills. Buying your prescription online might be cheaper too-generally you can find bottles of one hundred and eighty 150 mg pills for less than one hundred dollars.

Buying Wellbutrin SR is most safely done through your nearest pharmacy. This is because you can be certain that you are getting the correct dosage of drugs and that what you are getting is FDA approved and will actually work the way it's supposed to. This route is also more expensive though and some people, especially those without insurance to cover it, may opt for shopping online where it's cheaper and you get the drugs shipped directly and discreetly to your front door. Both options have their positives and negatives, so it's a matter of preference and how much time you have to research legitimate websites as a source for your prescription. After weighting in both options, you will have to choose the one that is suited for you, be it online purchase or buying at the pharmacy.