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Wellbutrin medication dosing

With any medication, it is very important to know what dosage you should be taking and how much is too much or too little. Going to either end is dangerous; too much of a drug renders it ineffective and too much has nasty side effects. In the case of Wellbutrin, too much leads to seizures, heart problems, fainting, and breathing problems. Too little renders it useless.

Always follow the dosing instructions of your doctor and never take this drug without the supervision of a qualified health professional. Failure to follow this may led to complicated health problems and unexpected side effects for the users of Wellbutrin.

So what are the effective dosage amount for Wellbutrin? Wellbutrin is usually administered in doses of 100 mg, 150 mg, or 300 mg; very rarely does it reach 450 mg or even 600 mg. The maximum recommended dosage per day is 450 mg; going higher than this greatly increases your chances of suffering from a severe side effect, the most common being seizures. Most doctors will recommend that you start at 100 mg so that your body can begin adjusting to the drug and then slowly move up to higher dosages until you reach the one that is right for you. Usually there's a week or two between changing dosages in order to allow your body to get used to the new amounts of drugs. 300 mg is generally the most effective dosage to stop things like depression, help you quit smoking and/or lose weight. However, some people find that less works better because of fewer side effects or more is needed because their body adjusts well to the drug.

There are also differences in effective dosages depending on which type of Wellbutrin you're using. You take fewer slow release tablets for example because they work over a longer period of time. Usually you will be given instructions to only have two of these per day at a dosage of 300-450 mg. The straightforward Wellbutrin can be taken a bit more frequently and Wellbutrin XR is intended to only be taken once a day. Always read the packaging for dosing instructions.

One of the positive about Wellbutrin is that Wellbutrin can be taken with or without food-food does not change its effectiveness-however, if you tend to feel nauseous after taking it, you might consider taking it with food in order to cushion your stomach a bit. Generally there is six to eight hours between dosages (Wellbutrin, six hours, Wellbutrin SR, eight hours) and if you miss a dose, don't double up as this causes overdosing problems.

However Wellbutrin is only intended for usage by adults. Wellbutrin has not been tested on youth under eighteen and should not be administered to children or teenagers under the age of eighteen. The drug will likely be far too strong for their bodies to handle and this can cause overdosing symptoms and even death. Therefore, it is best to to keep this drug away from the hands of young kids in your house.

Always talk to your doctor about dosing instructions for Wellbutrin and always follow their instructions to the letter. This is for your safety, preventing any health problems and so that the drug will work at its best. Failure to do so leads to the drug not working or to the user being poisoned and hurt. It doesn't take a lot of effort to get into a dosing routine and doing this will help you a great deal in managing your drugs and the reason for taking Wellburtin. Remember the right dosage amount is an important element of any drug medication treatment.